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Yoga · Meditation



In Yoga my primary points of focus of work are postural alignment and breathing fluidity. This allow me to create unique and safe sequences tailored for the specific needs of the students.

I use Hatha as a base for beginners and Vinyasa Krama as a flow evolution of it. I strongly believe that “every good asana yoga class is a vinyasa yoga class”. I even bring the concept further into the daily life: whatever you are doing in your daily life, if you model its rhythm on a conscious breathing pattern you’re practicing vinyasa. The opposite it’s also true: anytime you are doing something disconnected from the breathing rhythm, it is just an unconscious action. This means you might be doing “yoga poses” (=exercising), but not practing Yoga. And this is fine, the pity is that you would miss many of its benefits.

The long process of self-healing my physical injuries has influenced my opinion on the matter. Studying with some of the best yoga teachers and instructor from both the Wester and Eastern traditions confirmed it.

Even if that sounded arrogant, I am actually open minded and I am always ready to challenge what I have learned. I’m ready to change my mind whenever a better or  more efficient solution is available. As  a consequence my teaching style has changed over the year, because I want to keep improving the quality of my own life first, and of my clients and students then. What I teach is what I practice and I have tested on my own skin. If you are open to receive it or to challenge yourself, I am glad to share it with you too.

In terms of ‘standard yoga vocabulary’, you could say that I primarily focus on vinyasa flow, hatha yoga and yin yoga. I consider Kids Yoga and Partner Yoga two special gems inside the yoga world, whom I’m really excited about and I usually teach them in workshops or special events.


Classic seated meditation techniques, dynamic meditation techniques which involve movements, breathing, the use of 5 senses. Meditation is very simple and very hard at the same time, actually… it’s very hard because it’s very simple! But it’s benefits are immense. i would not be here writing if it weren’t for it. While Yoga starts from the outside inward, all forms of meditations are a jump into the most secret, exciting and juicy part of yourself. Sounds scary?… It seems, until you try. It’s the most efficient and simple way of radically transforming and improving your life.


“Yoga is bringing fitness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life.”


July 3, 2019



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