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How to get to Bologna from Milan Airport

If you are travelling to Bologna from another European city, most likely you will land at Bologna Airport “Guglielmo Marconi”. To find the best way to get to the city centre read this. But if you are travelling to Bologna from outside of Europe, you will arrive in Rome or Milan, which are the two biggest international hubs in Italy. If this is you, you have several options to get to downtown Bologna, and each of them has its own benefit in terms of time, money and comfort. This guide will help you identify the right choice for you.

If you land in Milan keep reading below, but if you arrive to Rome read this instead.

How to get to Bologna from Milan Airport “Milano-Malpensa”

If you are coming to Italy from outside Europe, Milan Malpensa is the best location to fly into. From there it’ll be an easy and quick trip to Bologna. You will land at Terminal 1 (T1), once you pass through customs have these options:

Option 1 – How to get to Bologna from Milano Malpensa by car

If your idea is to move a lot or to visit the “real Italia”, not only its 3 classic and touristy spots (Rome, Venice and Florence), renting a car is the best way. You will be free to move and to reach those small and gorgeous towns and villages that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. And there are A LOT of them!  Follow this guide to find the best online car rental deals and once you have your Ferrari ready, type “Bologna” on your smartphone gps map! As soon as you arrive at the airport, you’ll have the chance to get on to a road, then from there you can reach the highway in a few minutes. From the highway, it’s a straight shot to Bologna and (about a three to three and a half hour drive).

Option 2 – How to get to Bologna from Milano Malpensa without a car

If you don’t have a car and don’t want to rent one, there are still several other options. Overall, the best one is the train: it is easy and fast. You can catch a train (Trenord company) already at the airport from Terminal 2 (the two terminals are connected by a free bus service) and it costs 13 euros one-way 20 return. The length of the journey is 58 minutes, and Milano Centrale Station is the last stop, so even if you are exhausted and fall asleep there’s no risk that you’ll end up somewhere else. If you miss the train you have booked in advance, you can take any other after that hassle free. Once you are in Milano Centrale get a fast-train by Trenitalia (called Freccia Rossa) or one by ItaloTreno, and in 1 hour you will be in Bologna Centrale. Voila! You may also purchase the local train ticket from the airport to downtown Milan last minute, but the fast-trains are subject to availability and they require a reservation to be accessed.

There are also many shuttle buses that connect the airport to the city centre of Milan and its central train station. Terravision offers a 8 euros one-way ticket and a 14 euros return one. Malpensa Shuttle company offers a one-way ticket for 10 euros and a round-trip for 16 euros; It also connects Malpensa Airport to Milan Linate Airport, occasionally offering deals and discounts. I prefer the train because it saves me from the traffic ‘situation’ in Milan, which can affect the shuttles, and if you are on a tight schedule, the train faster, safer and more comfortable, too.







Malpensa Shuttle



If you arrive in Milano Centrale by train, you’ll be already in the platform area, check the schedule monitors and jump on the right train. If you arrive by bus, walk into the station and before entering the platform area, for security reasons, you’ll be asked to show a valid ticket either printed on paper or in digital version on smartphone or tablet. Remember to keep it with you! From Milano Centrale you will reach Bologna in about 55 minutes. To book a fast train visit  ItaloTreno and Trenitalia websites or use their Apps for iOS  and Android.

How to get to Bologna from Rome Fiumicino Airport.



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