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How to get to Bologna and Sasso Marconi

This is a detailed explanation of how to get to downtown Bologna and Sasso Marconi from Bologna Airport. Maybe you are coming to join “La vita è Bella – A Family Yoga Vacation”, or you want to explore the beautiful nature of this area. If you are travelling by car or walking the city, a good idea is to download free maps for your phone. It’s simple, below you will read how to do it.

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To get to Sasso Marconi you can use Google, but there are other websites you may find more useful.  A good one to check costs and routes is Rome2Rio, and another one is  “Guglielmo Marconi Bologna Airport” official website.


Bologna Airport “Guglielmo Marconi”,  is close to Florence as well and other cities such as Parma, Ravenna, Ferrara and Modena.


Via Ronchi, 5, 40037, Sasso Marconi (BO).  The Dalla Terra In Su retreat centre is located on the hills behind Sasso Marconi, exactly 5.4km away (3.3 miles) from the town. These are the gps coordinates on Google Maps: 44.393470, 11.207107


You can rent a car or hop in a taxi at the airport and get straight to our family vacation: scroll down to options 3 and 4 to better understand why. Otherwise, you’d have to travel from the airport to Bologna Centrale station and from there to Sasso Marconi.

In case you land in another Italian city, most likely Milan, Rome, or Venice you can reach Bologna Centrale by fast trains and then follow one of the following options. Here are the links to the two fast train companies in Italy: ItaloTreno, Trenitalia.

From cities like Milan, Venice, and Verona, it takes only 55 minutes to get to Bologna, and only 2 hours from Rome.


1) by Shuttle on Aereobus:  These buses run every 11 minutes and it takes about 20-25 minutes to get to the central station. They run from 5.30 in the morning until midnight. Tickets can be purchased directly on the website for 6 euros. Aereobus tickets can also be used on all public transport in the Bologna urban area within 75 minutes from its first validation. Remember to validate the ticket each time you board a new bus.

2) If you’re on a budget, there is also an economic alternative using the city bus system for only 1.30 euros. To do so, reach Stop “Birra” outside the airport area (a funny name, Birra means beer in Italian!). It’s about 1km/15min walk to get there (see the map below), and from there jump on bus n. 81 or 91 toward Bologna Centrale. If you have a lot of luggage or you are travelling with kids who aren’t used to walking this might not be your best option.



Option 1)
From Bologna Centrale Train Station it is easy to get to Sasso Marconi: from Monday to Saturday trains run every 30 minutes and on Sundays every 60. They run from around 6 in the morning until 10pm at night. The ride lasts about 25 minutes, and has about 6 or 7 stops (it depends on the train). Just to make sure you pack your stuff in time remember last stop before Sasso Marconi is either Borgonuovo or Pontecchio Marconi. Make sure to double-check when you get on the train. The ticket costs 2.20 euros per person and you can easily purchase one at the self-service machines at the station, or online at (English language is available), or through the official smartphone App (for iOS / for Android). To be updated in real-time about all Italian trains I suggest you to download the app called TrenIT, it’s the one Italians use (myself  included). Side note: when you buy a regional train ticket even if the ticket you bought shows a specific time you can take on any other similar train after that, so don’t purchase another ticket if you miss the train you meant to take. This is valid only for regional and local trains; not for fast trains.

Option 2)

You may get to Bologna and the city centre by bus n.706 or 92. These buses run about every half hour and it will take about 45 minutes from Sasso Marconi to Bologna Train station and vice versa. You can check for updates here; during summer the timetable might change slightly, subscribe to receive the latest seasonal updates.

Full Bus Time Table Chart – PDF

Bus Stop Map

Option 3)
The most comfortable way to get to Bologna is probably by taxi, if you don’t have your own car. There are two cab companies in the city, and you can book a ride from their website online or from their official smartphone App. The cost is approximately 35-45 euros.

1) Cotabo
Taxi bologna (this link shows the official rates in pdf of Taxi Bologna.

Option 4)

Considering how lovely the surrounding bolognese hills are (Colli Bolognesi) and how full of life and history the city of Bologna is, renting a car is probably the best option (in my opinion). You will be free to move around, do your shopping and visit Bologna or other gorgeous cities nearby. Within an hour, you can reach Ravenna, Parma, Modena and Ferrara, and there are many natural vistas that are worth a visit.

If you decide to rent a car and you are looking for a good deal, the best way to reserve one is using an online platform and to do it in advance – the earlier the better usually. The process is much like  finding a good deal on airfare, and a last minute rental at the airport is more expensive. Here you can find a list of all car rental companies located at Bologna airport, but to find the best rental car deal check this other blog post first.

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