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Fasting, Juice Fasting & Yoga

Well, now i’ve done it several times, with a maximum length of three days of full fast drinking only lemon juice or lemon water.
two days ago i had a really bad night of sleep. i woke up several time with a sharp pain in my belly due to a colon inflammation. Internally the colon and intestine are my weak points. not that normally i suffer from anything, but either when my lifestyle and diet aren’t right, or my head spinning with too many thoughts, or eat too much shit food (sugar and diaries mainsometimestime he decides to “gimme a call” which generally isn’t pleasant. I already decided to start soon a detox (whose details you can find them here) but this bad night naturally brought me to a fasting day, yesterday, with the only add of a couple of homemade juices. Than this morning i woke up at about 6, quite good after a decent sleep, decided to be lazy for a little longer. in the end at 6.30 i came out of bed, i was really awake (that is something that i’ve already noticed: when i eat well, and i go to sleep not late at about 6.30 my body is fully awake or almost).
so i came downstairs without waking up my flatmate and after having said “hello” and having exchanges some smelly leaking with Dharma (my flatmate’s huge sweet labrador) i drank just a tiny bit of lemon juice and done my yoga practise. This morning (on wednesday) i don’t any class tot each in the morning so i can either sleep a little longer or take all the time i want for my yoga practise or meditation. so this morning it was about 2 hours of yoga.
don’t think just 2 hours of crazy asana practise, more something like this:

few exercises in pilates style with an elastic to awaken my core (abdominal and lats) which are good in releasing my lower back compression (i’m also thinking that this new bed i’m sleeping isn’t that good, ’cause often in the morning my back hurts). Afterward i went on my mat. today i decided to practise e a “mildly stimulating” flow sequence from Mark Stephens book’s “yoga sequencing” (here the review). i honestly don’t understand the mild word…’cause 🙂 the sequence is pretty kickass! 😀 anyway it’s a good one starting pretty straightforward and intensely. anyway i decided, or better my body-mind system decided to start in a different way with some super fluid movement and instinctive posture, flowing while in Balasana (child pose) to stretch and get in tune with both my mind and body and disconnect from ay thought which may arise in the morning. i don’t wanna think early in the morning i just wanna move, and get lost in it. thinking is for later!
Looreena macKennint was there with me enlightening my practice and setting the rhythm with her amazing tunes.
after the practice and a nice 5-10 minutes savana with Dharma, as usual, sitting just next to me (and sometimes amazingly farting almost in front of my face), i decided to go outside for a little meditation. that comes the hardest part. today i put an alarm 10 min +other 3 in the end. Why would you ask?
’cause i don’t want to think about time, so knowing that a bell will call me back, helps me focusing on me and nature around. some time i can stay seated without issues, other the mind is on the attack so having an alarm set, helps and it is a good support for your discipline.


well after all this showering, and juice! and…i’m all energy! instead of having less (also considering the asana practice) i have a lot. so i clean the kitchen, the juicer, start writing my blog, feel very awake and active and positive even though of course my belly feels empty… but light. and he would enjoy some food but i have the feeling that cause i feel so good it’s a good occasion to go on with the fasting and see if i can make a full 2nd day or not. in any case it will be ok.
last time i did this it was november and i did it for 2 full days and the morning of the 3rd. that time the first day was good like yesterday what was tough was the 2nd eve when i was a little hungry and bit low energy. on that occasion i had an herbal infusion and i went to bed, decided to get some energy from sleep. the sleep was good until around 3-4 in the morning when i woke up completely sweat and with an accelerated heartbeat. i knew that is about the time when the liver and its meridians and cleansing and the body expelling toxins (without good to digest it can concentrate on that task instead). so i took it easy, breathed deeply, drank some lemon water and in about half hour i fall asleep again. when i woke up later on (i can’t remember the time) i was feeling great. active like a beast! so i practise an intense yoga, showered, smiled a lot, enjoy the hummingbirds around my house (i was living at that time surrounded by nature just outside the town) and than…i felt hungry but with a lot of energy. i was in doubt (around 10.30 am) if go on fasting or having a light breakfast. i decided not to exaggerate and prepare a nice breakfast with fruits, salad with lots of seed and some nice ray bread and rice cakes. well … after two days without touching any food and with my body and mouth more cleansed everything tasted so much stronger and nicer that i remembered. and i didn’t even have to eat a lot to fell filled and satisfied.
finally i was really happy, clean and ready….what for?
for anything! 🙂

thanks for today.
Ale 🙂

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