Alessandro Giovinazzo - Teacher & Writer - Official Webpage
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Alessandro Giovinazzo

After many years and unique life experiences, right now I’m focused on writing, coaching, and spending time with the people I love.

Holistic Life & Career

I could list all the courses and certifications I have achieved over the years, or tell you about my Yoga Alliance registration as E-RYT500 (experienced teacher) and Continuous Education Provider. Still, this wouldn’t say much about me; those are just number and numbers does not help people. Rather, you might be interested to know that Yoga, Meditation, NLP are disciplines that I encountered on my life path and changed it for the better. Each of them helped and supported in their own different way my physical and mental healing process and push forward my personal and spiritual growth. That’s why I offer them to you.
My journey has been fun and exciting. I have travelled and lived in four continents and I met some of the weirdest and sweeter persons on the planet. My growth as an individual and as a teacher isn’t ended yet, it is and forever will be an ongoing process. Nonetheless, I feel the urge to share what I have learned.
I do this writing inspirational novels, essays, and guides. And I also achieve it coaching people 101 and leading training programs. I collaborate with international schools, holistic centres and NGOs in Usa, Europe and Central-South America. Together, we train, inspire, and empower teachers and students alike. I am always open to new, professional and exciting projects.


I will support you in achieving a better balance in your daily life, accessing to a wide range of techniques and therapies both from the modern and ancient worlds, both from the eastern and western tradition.


Find your true north star. Learn how to head straight toward your dreams and enjoying the journey. Learn how to believe more in yourself, in your talents, in your desire and how to access the incredible power of your subconscious mind to dive deep into your creative hidden energies and resources.


Exotic tropical location and European Historical town where to clear your mind, clean your body, have fun, improve yourself, experience adventure, while learning of other cultures.